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My first camera was an analog Fujifilm camera - I got for my birthday. Today I really cannot remember the model, but I really never got it working satisfactory and actually I was put off fotography.

Years later I got a clip-on camera module for my Ericsson mobile phone and from there I spent my heard earn money on a Sony Cybershot -P72, with a wooping 3.2 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom, which I used for about ten years until the zoom mechanism went haywire and I returned to using smartphones, as I already owned that one.

I will upload new/old photos at no fixed schedule. As my camera is broken and I only got my smartphone for the job, the shooting of new photos seldom occur. But at the moment I'm cleaning up my existing collection of photos, removing duplettes and unusables. In this connection old photos emerges from the deep, which is a great opportunity to learn to know some open source post processing software.